Directed by Diego Gardo
Original Score by Tillman Jex

Space to Create | Frank Peroni

Directed by Temi Hollist Original music sync: Callisto (11:34 min) from Sub-Surface Oceans

Sub-Surface Oceans

Sub-Surface Oceans is a continuous thirty two minute composition that narrates the memory of love and loss between Ganymede and Enceladus, which are two planets out of nine that NASA have found to have sub-surface oceans, see here.

In this chapter of the story, six of the planets are included: Europa through to Pluto.

The project began by coming across the article above. I characterised each planet, associating them with aesthetics, emotions and personal experiences and then went about developing a technique to more effectively combine them all into the same sound world (as many of the planets had quite varied characters).

To do this, I decided not to compose the track in a linear fashion, but rather to group together the planets that had similar themes, and create them first as a collective (symbolically like a group of planets in orbit around each other). Once the fundamental aspects of each planet were composed, I pulled the group of planets into one master Cubase session - this time organizing each planet chronologically in which they appear in the article above - and continued to stitch and collage all the planets together.

The gear I used was predominantly a Eurorack modular synthesizer and Access Virus TI.

OP-Voyager: The Ignition

This piece narrates the first chapter in the story of OP Voyager, a space ship and its crew as they undertake a reconnaissance mission into deep space. They’re in search of a collection of three Black Holes that have reportedly amassed beyond the Isle of Andromeda and are to determine whether the creation of a portal is possible. This chapter has 5 major points in the story: 00:00 - 8:00 : The Ignition - The crew take off and contemplate the mission ahead.

08:00 - 15:15 : Enter Atmosphere - The atmosphere is breached.

15:15 - 19:15 : Signal Loss - Radio communication is lost due to magnetic interference from the impending asteroid field.

19:15 - 27:35 : Asteroid Field - An asteroid field tests the capabilities of the spaceship.

27:35 - End : Black Hole Horizon - Upon exiting the asteroid field, the crew find themselves staring at the black hole horizon.


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