Crow Intelligence - Generative Eurorack interface.

Quite a few really nice looking sequencers that have come out recently, such as the Squarp Pyramid (which has a Eurorack family member) and Synthstrom Deluge. But the Crow Intelligence stands apart from the crowd in that its patches can be created via an online editor and then uploaded to the unit. This opens up a world of detailed patch construction and also the ability to share patches between users, which is insanely cool. In an interview with Synth Anatomy, CEO of Birdkids, Michael Beim states that they’ll open an online forum space where users can share and collaborate on patches.

CROW Intelligence is a hands-on, assignable, high-precision Generative Interface for modular setups (52hp) and external MIDI devices. Sixteen endless rotary encoders with multicolor LEDs and four contextual toggle buttons allow for tactile feedback. A bright, no-nonsense LCD Display provides visual feedback for the hardware-controlled, software-assigned control parameters and their corresponding values.”

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At the core of the hardware is a powerful, ARM-architecture processor running a standalone real time operating system. 16-bit precision ADC/DAC networks provide plenty of scaleable CV and binary I/O for any modular setup. The CROW Intelligence is a teamplayer: external class-compliant MIDI and MPE devices can be hosted directly and used as multi-timbral, expressive inputs. All controls are at your fingertips. Intuitive and tactile. Let CROW Intelligence adapt to your workflow and your idea! Focus on the performance.”

Read more about the Crow Intelligence interface and interview with Beim here: http://www.synthanatomy.com/2018/05/superbooth-2018-birdkids-announced-crow-intelligence-new-generative-hardware-interface-modular-setups.html


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