Curriculum Vitae

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Higher Education
2016 Bachelor of Music (First Class Honours) Melbourne University
2012 Certificate 4 in Sound Production RMIT University
2018 Sub-Surface Oceans Self Release
2017 OP-Voyager: The Ignition Self Release
2018 -KNFVSSION- - Diego Gardo Composer
Space to Create: Frank Peroni - dBs Music Berlin Composer
2017 Assistant to Burkhard Dallwitz
2016 Brakes - Short (dir. Charlotte Chen) Composer
Christmas Island - 3D video tour - Virtual Reality Ventures Composer
2015 St Paul - Short - (dir. Then Nguyen) Composer
Odd Socks - Short - (dir. Ellen Richardson) Composer
Apartment n15 - Short - (dir. Emma Gover) Composer
I Am Here - Documentary - (dir. Leah Sanderson) Sound Designer
MAX - Short - (dir. Ryan Paturzo-Polson) Sound Designer
2013 ROT - Short - (dir. Ruby Railey) Composer
2018 Liquid Cube Analysis - A/V installation with Simon Finn (PhD) - MARS Gallery, Melbourne, Australia Composer
2017 False Flag - A/V installation with Simon Finn (PhD) - MARS Gallery, Melbourne, Australia Composer
2015 Encounters - White Night and Summersault Festival - Melbourne, Australia Composer
2015 Wrath - Shermaine Heng - Melbourne, Australia Composer
Fragile Terrain - Kaitlyn McConnell - Melbourne & Japan Composer
Disparity (Film)- Kaitlyn McConnell Composer
Exhale - Kaitlyn McConnell - Melbourne, Australia Composer
2015 Corridors (Piano, Tuba, Viola) - Arts Centre Melbourne 5x5x5 Program - Melbourne, Australia Composer
Scholarships & Awards
2016 Dr. Phillip Law Music Scholarship Melbourne University
2015 SAF Music Provident Fund Melbourne University
2017 Using Narrative in Dance Music - Wind It Up Festival - Canberra, Australia Talk and Live Performance


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