Framework Radio #637

Podcast artwork for episode 637Podcast artwork for episode 637

At the moment I tend to listen more to field recordings than, lets say, organised sound” (music). So I was stoked to have recently come across the Framework Radio podcast, which is a weekly podcast dedicated to the use of field recordings in composition. The episodes are often curated by guest presenters, which ensures variation in tastes and focus. You can expect anything from straight field recordings, to surrealist sound scapes.

Listening to field recordings - or compositions that heavily use field recordings - is a great way of reawakening our ears to the sound of our environment and its effect on our consciousness. It offers us a chance to acutely listen to the sounds of our surroundings, often from intriguing and revealing perspectives, the disappearance of our other senses heightening the sensitivity of our ears and narrowing our focus, bringing us into a state of meditation. Practice this enough and your environment will open up to you, revealing the music inherent within it.

Therefore, I would like recommend to you episode 637 of the Framework Radio podcast, curated by d. l. Lutz from Berlin. It’s an invitation into a deep and mysterious rainforest created through the use of natural (recorded) as well as artificial (synthesised) sounds.

As you listen, you can never be sure if you hear nature, processed nature or machines; some animals sound like computers, some computers sound like animals. What a strange world to visit…” - d. l. Lutz

Here’s the link to the episode including track list and further detail: http://www.frameworkradio.net/2018/04/637-2018-04-15/


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