History of Work


Sub-Surface Oceans - Self Release - 2018
A continuous thirty two minute composition that narrates the memory of love and loss between Ganymede and Enceladus, which are two planets out of nine that NASA have found to have sub-surface oceans.

OP-Voyager: The Ignition - Self Release - 2017
A continuous forty minute composition that narrates the story of OP Voyager, a space ship and its crew, as they undertake a reconnaissance mission into deep space.


Assistant to Burkhard Dallwitz (The Truman Show, Underbelly, The Secret River) (2015-2017)

Brakes - Short (dir. Charlotte Chen) - Composer - 2016
Official film selection for the New York Film Week Festival and winner of Best Story Short” in the Los Angeles Independent Film Festival Awards.

St Paul - Short Film (dir. Thien Nguyen) - Composer - 2015

MAX - Short Film (dir. Ryan Paturzo-Polson) - Sound Designer - 2015

Odd Socks - Short Film (dir. Ellen Richardson) - Composer - 2015

Apartment N15 - Short Film (dir. Emma Gover) - Composer - 2015

I Am Here - Documentary (dir. Leah Sanderson) - Sound Designer & Pre Mix. - 2015

ROT - Short Film (Dir. Ruby Railey) - Composer - 2013
Officially selected into various film festivals in LA, NY and Toronto.


Liquid Cube Analysis - A/V project with Simon Finn (PhD) - Composer - 2018.
Infinite loop video that disintegrates the linearity of time. Shown at MARS Gallery, Windsor, Melbourne (July 19th - 18th Aug).

False Flag - A/V Project with Simon Finn (PhD) - Composer - 2017
Infinite loop video drawing attention to the transience of political power and the temporary nature of any material. Shown at the Stephen McLaughlan Gallery and MARS Gallery, Melbourne.

Virtual Reality Ventures - Tour of Christmas Island - Sound Designer - 2016
Recorded and synthesized the diegetic sound world of a virtual reality tour around Christmas Island.

Encounters - White Night and Summersault Festival - Composer - 2015
An interactive art installation that utilized the Kinect camera from Microsoft.


Disparity - Dance Film (Kaitlyn McConnell. Masters of Dance) - Composer - 2015

Wrath - Grounded’ Dance Competition, Melbourne - Composer - 2015
Seven minutes of music was written in collaboration with choreographer Shermaine Heng for her choreographed dance piece.

Fragile Terrain - Dance Show - Melbourne - Composer - 2015
A dance production focussing on degradation. 14 minutes wall to wall music with the aim of exploring different sonic possibilities of degradation.

Exhale - Dance Show - Melbourne - Composer - 2015
A dance piece focussing on breath. 5 minutes wall to wall music accentuating the concept and performance space.


Presentation on Philosophy of Composing With Modular Synthesizers, State Library of Victoria - 2017.

Wind It Up Festival - Performance and Talk - Canberra - 2017
A live improvisation using my modular synthesizer as well as a one hour presentation on The Importance of Narrative in Progressive Dance Music”


Dr Phillip Law Music Scholarship - 2016
Financial scholarship during third year University at The Victorian College of the Arts.

Arts Centre Melbourne Commission - 5x5x5 Program - Composer - 2015
5 composers were selected to write 5 minutes of music each in response to a chosen space at Arts Centre Melbourne. The pieces were recorded by students at ANAM and the recording was then made available for the public to listen to at Arts Centre Melbourne.


Bachelor of Music - Interactive Composition (First Class Honours), Melbourne University - 2014 - 2016

Certificate 4 in Sound Production, Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology - 2012


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