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Paradigm Shift

Released: November 11, 2020.

Paradigm Shift is a sonic representation of insecurity and apprehension, born from the chaos and turbulence of our present times. It was composed between mid 2019 and mid 2020. During this time the weight of the Trump administration was reaching critical mass, the worst bushfires to date ravaged Tillman’s home country, Australia and Covid–19 hit like a freight train. Paradigm Shift therefore came to be a musical reaction to the continual atrocities experienced during this time. It communicates the successive fracturing of our sense of security, and the resultant slide deeper into chaos and uncertainty.

In Paradigm Shift, the sonic metaphor of a train was chosen specifically to aid in representing an unstoppable force which meets no immovable object. It is that which comes from around the bend, colliding with and engulfing you. From this moment, you are on a journey directed only by following the tracks lain down before you.
You know not the destination of the train, nor where or when it may slow down to let you off. But you do know that when you disembark onto the platform, where you may stand still again, your journey is at an end. And you ask yourself a lingering question, as you stand watching the train pull gradually away from the platform, back around the bend.

A warm thank you goes to Roman Kurochkin of Russia for allowing me to use his excellently captured recording of Grazhdanskaya train station in Moscow, which informed much of this release.
You can listen to his recording here on Aporee maps.

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