Schmutz Berlin - Berlin Live Music Guide

While I waited for a concert to begin at HAU here in Berlin, I struck up a conversation with an innocent bystander in the corridor. He turned out to be a guy called Nolan Parker who runs an monthly live music guide both online and as a free magazine.

His explanation was simple. He loves live music and wanted to promote what the city has to offer. I really appreciated this because Berlin has an incredibly prevalent DJ culture and as great as that is, it’s vital for there to be a broad range of musical and artistic experiences available in order to develop new movements within a music and arts culture. So I’m all for promoting an outlet that supports this.

Schmutz does a great job of covering an array of genres - electronic music included. There’s something for everyone. So, I highly recommend for those living in or visiting Berlin to jump onto Schmutz Berlin and see what live music is on offer within this freaky city. Nolan also warmly invites promoters, venues and musicians alike to contact Schmutz Berlin if they have something they would like to list in the gig guide.



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