Syntorial - Synthesis Ear Training

I remember feeling a little lost in the possibilities and capabilities of synthesisers when I changed to making electronic music. A lot of time was spent experimenting, which is great and ultimately the best way to learn how to achieve sounds on a synthesiser. However, if it’s a software synth that we’re using, experimentation can become a bit laborious due to the synth’s interface being accessed with a mouse rather than our hands. The joy of experimentation and discovery becomes greatly limited and the temptation to flick through presets looms large.

Once we are able to associate functions, modes, modulations and settings with an end sound, the process of designing sound becomes exponentially more satisfying. You feel like the conductor of the orchestra rather than a child with a set of crayons and manuscript paper.

Just like classical ear training (hearing and identifying pitches, rhythms and harmonies and being able to play or write them down), Syntorial teaches you how to associate functions, modes, modulations and settings with synthesised sound. It does so using it’s own software synthesiser, which progressively gets more and more complicated as the lessons go on. As well as this, they have lesson packs for commercial synthesiser plugins including Serum, Massive and Sylenth1.

Their website: https://www.syntorial.com

Disclaimer: I’m not associated or affiliated with Syntorial and am not receiving any commission or any such thing for this post.


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