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Tactile Ground by Robert Rich Jan 18, 2019 listening New music out now from legendary ambient music composer, Robert Rich. As lush as ever. M.Geddes Gengras - Light Pipe Oct 31, 2018 listening New ambient album from M.Geddes Gengras. Super deep verbs, precise selection of timbres and a welcomed absence of drones. EMDOKU - Perhaps A New World For You? Oct 13, 2018 listening A very brief introduction to a fundamental field of electronic music and a great resource for it. Framework Radio #637 Oct 2, 2018 listening Natural and artificial sounds drawing you deep into the rainforest. A Beginner's Guide to Ambient Music Aug 27, 2018 listening This article below was originally published in March 2018 on The Conversation by English. It's a concise auditory trip through recordings of ambient music since the release of Brian Eno's Music for Airports. Online Controllable Short Wave Radio Aug 26, 2018 listening Tune and listen to a short wave radio in the Netherlands. There is also a function to record the audio and download as a wav file. 5 Hours of Subtle, Soothing and Satisfying Progressions Aug 22, 2018 listening A calming mix that drifts around field recordings, ambient music, down tempo beats and experimental soundscapes. Perfect for some time out.