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Collage Isolation Jun 16, 2022 Music A compiled and stitched together collage of music I made during the "lockdown stage" of the pandemic between 2020 and the end of 2021. The Fog - Film Score May 10, 2022 Music Film score using live coding and Max8 for the short film "The Fog" by Gianna Mazzeo Showreel Music Showreel of music made for film and visual media. Paradigm Shift Nov 11, 2020 Music Paradigm Shift is a sonic representation of insecurity and apprehension, born from the chaos and turbulence of our present times. In Search of Shadows Jun 24, 2019 Music In Search of Shadows is the third independent release from Tillman Jex. It's a journey through various environments where you can search for your shadow archetype. Subsurface Oceans Apr 13, 2018 Music Subsurface Oceans is a continuous thirty two minute composition that narrates the memory of love and loss between Ganymede and Enceladus Op Voyager - The Ignition Feb 9, 2017 Music OP Voyager The Ignition narrates the first chapter in the story of OP Voyager, a space ship and its crew as they undertake a reconnaissance mission into deep space.