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Approaching the Ambient: Creative Practice and the Ambient Mode of Being Feb 20, 2019 reading The following content is the PhD research of Luke Jaaniste. It explores what he calls 'the ambient mode of being-in-our-surroundings'. Copyright Protection Using Blockchain? Dec 18, 2018 reading Blockchain is being used more and more as a means to track and authorise digital transactions and data of many kinds, could it therefore be used to help lock down copyright and piracy of digital audio media? Have Smartphones Destroyed a Generation? Dec 1, 2018 reading The ramifications of smartphones are finally becoming measurable as generation iGen come of age. Ultra-light Gloves Allow You To “Touch” Virtual Objects Oct 16, 2018 reading Scientists from ETH Zurich and EPFL have developed an ultra-light glove – weighing less than 8 grams – that enables users to feel and manipulate virtual objects.